About HG

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I am the Hoboken Guy and my goal is simple. Find the best stuff in Hoboken.

Why are you doing this?

I just love helping people. As a resident of Hoboken, it’s always been tough trying to find the best services, restaurants, events, bars/night clubs and leisure activities around town.  Every restaurant claims they have the best burger in town. Every gym claims to have the best equipment. The only way to find the best is to explore yourself or ask your friends.  But the real problem is filtering those great experiences such that the entire community knows.  Whether you’ve just moved into town or have lived here forever, you deserve to share and learn from everyone’s experiences so that we can all make smart decisions. 

So what are you going to do about it?

I am going to scavenge across the mile square and try everything that Hoboken has to offer. Yes, this will take time, but in the end, the best and ONLY the best of this city will be carefully analyzed and critiqued to the tiniest detail.

How can I help?

Tell me where the best is and I’ll give you credit on my blog if it’s legit.  From the best food or dry cleaners to the best running routes or dog parks – let us work together to help the Hoboken community experience the best in town.  Found something super-awesome? Tell me about your experience by emailing me at tell@thehobokenguy.com. Each Hobokenite that offers a great recommendation will be given credit in the review and be dubbed an official Hoboken Guy Sidekick.