Best Bar Games & Rec Rooms: Scotland Yard

Best Bar Games & Rec Rooms: Scotland Yard

Posted on 13. Jul, 2009 in Leisure

Need a classic drinking hole that’s got a great selection of beer and live Blues music six days a week? Better yet, do you need a bar where the ping pong balls and plastic cups become best friends? Then Scotland Yard is your next stop to party it up. This historic bar goes by the motto, “7 Steps to get in, 12 steps to get out”, so stumble your way downtown and visit one of the oldest drinking establishments in Hoboken that sports awesome classic bar games to keep you entertained.


Scotland Yard


As you work your way by the downtown bars by the Path train, right along Hudson Street, you can’t help but notice this old school-looking bar with the vintage telephone booth being used by a knight in shining armor. You stumble inside the bar with your intoxicated smurk and you feel like you’re still entering that old classic tavern that has existed since the 1920’s. This classic drinking hole has served as a speakeasy in the basement of the Edwards Hotel during prohibition. It has two bars, one in the front and back and at times, with it’s small space, can be crowded during live performances.

Scotland Yard

Beer Pong

When it comes to playing Beer Pong, the Yard has the perfect setup dedicated to respecting the space you need to perfect your form. Every Friday and Saturday night they set up 3 beer pong tables, 2 in the front of the bar and one in the back corner. And if you’ve got the beer goggles, the tables even have the cup layout painted on the table to help you stack your cups correctly. Eight dollars gets you a bucket of Bud and a bunch of plastic cups to make this classic college game happen.

Scotland Yard

And if you need competition, there are always people there willing to play a round of singles or doubles. Come prepared though. From my experience, the people that play here can sometimes be very competitive.

Scotland Yard


Not much of darts crowd here, but the darts do exist here for your entertainment if you get bored of beer pong. There’s one dart board in the back and one in the front of the bar.

Scotland Yard


And if your feeling Foosball, they got Foosball too! Not many bars in Hoboken can say they have this popular table-top sport, so The Yard is one of the few. The Foosball table is located at the rear of the bar.

Scotland Yard


The Yard does have it’s share of TV screens to support you sports fanatics out there (2 in the front and back of the bar).

Scotland Yard

Beer Selection

With over 30+ selections of imported and microbrew beers, you’ll never go thirsty.

Draft Beers: Guinness, Bass Ale, Harp Lager, Coors Light, Sam Adams, Magic Hat, Franziskaner Weiss, Sierra Nevada, Yuengling Lager, Woodpecker Cider
Bottle Beers: Over 30 imported/microbrew beers, Large selection of single malts

Scotland Yard


Bar Name: Scotland Yard
Location:72 Hudson Street Bloomfield Street (on 3rd Street) View Map
Summary: Over 30 selections of imported and microbrew beers , Usual Mixed Drinks, Happy Hour Specials Vary, Bar Games include Beer Pong, Darts and Foosball, 4 TV screen, Live Music on Sunday through Thursday, DJ on Fridays & Saturday
Hours: Monday to Thurs 4:00pm-2:00am, Fridays 4:00pm-3:00am, Saturdays 3:00pm-3:00am, Sundays 12:30pm-2:00am
Phone Number: (201) 222-9273‎

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