Best Brunch Beverage: Gaslight Manmosas

Best Brunch Beverage: Gaslight Manmosas

Posted on 23. Mar, 2009 in Dining

Once in a while during brunch, I’ll sneak in a cold refreshing glass of that classic Mimosa or Bloody Mary. But let’s face it fellas. You’re out with some cute ladies for brunch and the last thing you want to do is kill your manhood by ordering a Mimosa. Worry no more. On my recent quest to find the Mile Square’s best brunches, some Hobokenites helped me discover a drink that instantly redeemed myself. Some men say they’ve even seen their chest hair growing immediately right after drinking. Well, not really. But the drink is called the Manmosa and its pretty damn good.


Restaurant: Gaslight Bar & Restaurant
Name of Drink: Manmosa (Blue Moon, Orange Juice and a shot of Mandarin Vodka)
Price: 2 Complimentary Glasses included with the $15.00 Brunch Meal / $6.00 per glass

In search for the best brunches outside of the Mile Square’s main streets, I ventured west of Washington Street to see what other local restaurants had to offer. Gaslight Restaurant (4th and Adams Street) offers a $15 brunch meal that includes complimentary fruit, a basket of muffins, 1 entree and 2 complimentary breakfast beverages. Although I consider this a great deal, the meal itself was not worthy to be dubbed a Hoboken best.

But their Manmosas are definitely something unique to talk about. Although many variations of a Manmosa have been created over the past couple of years, Gas Light’s version of this breakfast beverage is just a simple mix of Blue Moon, OJ and a special shot of mandarin vodka. (some places use Pabst Blue Ribbon or Miller High Life). It’s different, tasty and can surely give you a nice morning buzz, the manly way.



Blue Moon Belgium White Ale is an exquisite complex-tasting wheat beer with just the right touch of fruitiness. Pair this favorite brew up with some OJ and you got yourself a great tasting Manmosa. Overall, the orange juice intensifies the beer’s hint of citrus fruit and balances off the sweetness with its smooth malty wheat flavor. After a while, your taste buds get used to this unique flavor, that you don’t realize you’re drinking a beverage with beer in it. The small shot of vodka enhances a little bit of that orangey flavor and is probably the key ingredient to give you the extra buzz boost. Overall, the hops ensure a crisp, clean aftertaste on the palate after washing down that omelet.


The Manmosa is a light brunch beverage that has just the right taste. It’s not too heavy and not too watered down, giving you a nice complementary drink that’s easy to gulp without making you full or lose your appetite. With its cold refreshing taste, the Manmosa will satisfy your thirst like no other brunch beverage, making it an excellent choice for sipping on those sizzling summer days.



Gas Light Menu

Restaurant: Gaslight Bar & Restaurant
Location: 400 Adams Street, Hoboken, NJ (between 4th and 5th Streets) View Map >>
Hours: Monday through Friday from 11:00am – 11:00pm, Saturday from 12:00pm to 11:00pm, Sunday from 10:00am to 10:00pm
Contact: (201) 217-1400
Liquor Status: Yup, ofcourse! It’s a bar.



I’d like to thank Hoboken frequent visitor Marq from Parsippany, NJ for helping me find this interesting brunch refreshment. I have yet to see any other Hoboken restaurants offer a beverage as unique and tasty as the Manmosa. From this point forward, let it be known that I officially dubbed thee a Hoboken Guy Sidekick! Marq thought the Manmosas were so good he started breakdancing on the streets of Hoboken. Nice flares bro!

Please note: This beverage does not give you breakdancing skills.


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20 Responses to “Best Brunch Beverage: Gaslight Manmosas”

  1. Sarah

    19. Apr, 2009

    No problem (about the blog shout out)!

    I told the boyfriend about your post, and he’s kiiiind of super excited to try a Manmosa…like still believing in Santa Claus. Haha.


  2. Pao

    24. Mar, 2009

    makes me wanna cross the seas just to have brunch… wish we had stuff like that over here…

  3. Justin M

    24. Mar, 2009

    As a person who has also enjoyed this drink for many years now, (at least every St. Patty’s day since 2003) I believe the best combination is fresh OJ with a little pulp and a beer called Tucher it works exceptionally well for bringing out the flavor of the juice and the taste of the beer.

    I’ve seen people use Blue Moon because they are so used to the orange garnish that most bars will serve it with. Blue Moon is already spiced with orange peel thus adding an equal portion of OJ to make a drink out of it covers up the Blue Moon taste and you only end up with the carbonation from the beer, and not both flavors.

  4. William

    24. Mar, 2009

    They should call it a Bromosa

  5. Avid Napper

    23. Mar, 2009

    You’re well on your way to a hoboken liver, my friend.

  6. Hoboken Guy

    23. Mar, 2009

    @Jennifer Christie – I thought the muffins were decent… they could have offered more of a variety though

    @diana – let me know if you need breakdancers to promote your food too..i know a bunch :)

    @Nancy – the deal definitely was good, but I’ve seen better ones in town that offer better quality too…will write a review for that one soon

    @Matt Connors – dude, i told ya… haha

    @justin – wow..thanks for the comment dude… I think I know who to talk to when I go on a mission for the best beers on tap …

    @ray – let me know when you wanna go for Manmosas – I’m always down for a third round. :)

  7. ray

    23. Mar, 2009

    even i can’t do flares.. damnss gotta drink some manmosa!!!

  8. Justin

    23. Mar, 2009

    As a beer purist, I’m generally not too fond of mixing beer with any other liquid, but I have to admit that this does sound good.

    For a true beer experience with brunch, pair your meal with an effervescent hefeweizen, such as a Hacker-Pschoor, which smells of cloves and banana peel, tastes spicy, sweet, and malty, and has a moderate body.

    While a Blue Moon is indeed a good choice for the typical brunch, being a Witbier, (not a hefe, contrary to popular belief), it does not have the the overall balance that makes a hefeweizen a great choice.

  9. Matt Connors

    23. Mar, 2009

    I didn’t know the man-mosa had vodka in it. I retract my previous comment. I now approve.

  10. Nancy Da Costa

    23. Mar, 2009

    Great review btw. I didn’t have a man-mosa but I thought the deal we got for brunch was a good one!

  11. Joanne

    23. Mar, 2009

    hahaha Carton ripped you a new one

  12. Hoboken Guy

    23. Mar, 2009

    @Carlton – not sure who the official creator of the Manmosa was – according to Esquire Magazine, they mentioned Northeast Kingdom in BK….in any case, I’ll update the post to mention the potential origins – i think Gas Light took the Manmosa to another level though with the touch of the Madarine Vodka… thanks for the interesting info Carlton!!

  13. Joanne

    23. Mar, 2009

    I was going to say the same thing….Mandarin Vodka.

    I suppose 2 manmosas, fruit and muffins is nearly worth the $15……Food at Gaslight is not their strong point hahaha.

  14. Carlton H

    23. Mar, 2009

    BK?!? Please. This drink is indeed native to Hoboken, and was created and regularly imbibed in the basement of a Stevens fraternity (Sigma Nu) on St. Pat’s 6 years ago. The first incarnation was done with Busch Light, chosen for both it’s abundance and it’s relative lack of flavor which is noncompetitive with the OJ, and was deemed a “sloppy orange”

    Now I’m not going to claim that we were the first people to EVER mix beer w/ OJ (I’m not nearly that naive), but we did create it independently of any outside influence and if you need to credit the drink coming to Hoboken, you have a source that’s been around much longer than 1.5 years, and doesn’t require crossing 2 rivers.

  15. diana

    23. Mar, 2009

    i’m jealous. I have no breakdancing friends to humor my blog.

  16. Jennifer Christie

    23. Mar, 2009

    i loved the muffins and fruit… it’s a nice compliment to the meal… :)

  17. Hoboken Guy

    23. Mar, 2009

    @Ryan Thanks dude! You’ll be the first one to know when I do a pastry crawl!

    @Marq – I had to post those photos..they were sick! How could I have forgotten about the shot of vodka…Thanks for the catch…i updated the article…

  18. Marq

    23. Mar, 2009

    Haha I can’t believe you posted that pic of me!

    I was craving a manmosa this morning actually. However you forgot to mention that the manmosa also contains a key ingredient for that friendly afternoon buzz: a shot of vodka!

  19. Ryan Dumapit

    23. Mar, 2009

    btw.. one of my classmates is the chefs at gaslight…

  20. Ryan Dumapit

    23. Mar, 2009

    great site and review HG! look forward to your other reviews… when are you doing pastry? if you do make sure you go to carlos bakery… the chef there is always competing on food network…

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