Hoboken’s Castle Point Skate Park

Hoboken’s Castle Point Skate Park

Posted on 14. Mar, 2009 in Leisure

Don’t laugh. But back in the day, I owned a kick-ass Batman skateboard. However, I never really used it. Why? Probably because we never had any nearby skate parks. C’mon, I could have been the next Tony Hawk! If you’re looking to pickup this sport or if you can rock a half-pipe, check out this park. If skating isn’t your forté, this park is still worth a visit just to watch the fearless boarders pull off some nasty tricks.

For almost 2 years, Castle Point Skate Park has been the home of local skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMX bikers. Located along the Hudson River (between Elysian Park), skaters have the opportunity to showoff their crazy air tricks across the beautiful midtown Manhattan skyline.


Skate Ponder

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to sunset. Hopping the fence isn’t allowed, but it happens.

Obstacles: 7 foot half pipe, 1 micro pipe, 7 foot quart pipe, 2 boxes, 2 banks, 2 roll in start points

Rules: Helmets required. Park is closed during inclement weather conditions. Obstacles cannot be brought into the park.

Location: 818 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Take Sinatra Drive, as Stevens Institute of Technology blocks all east-west streets from getting there. (View Map)


After seeing these kids do some crazy acrobatic moves, I’m thinking about picking up skateboarding as a hobby. Seriously. No joke. In the meantime, I’ll just watch in awe and be inspired.

Grey Shirt Kid 1

Bike Fly 1

Nike Red 1

Nike Red 2

Nike Red 3

Bike Fly 2

Skate Ramp


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12 Responses to “Hoboken’s Castle Point Skate Park”

  1. Evan

    10. Aug, 2009

    I was there a few weeks ago and the Skate Park was locked a sign that says “closed for repairs”. Does anyone have any info on when it might be reopening? According to a comment on http://hoboken411.com/archives/969 it seems like it’s been that way for a little while, with no signs of any progress.

  2. [...] Located along the Hudson River (between Elysian Park), skaters have the opportunity to showoff their crazy air tricks across the beautiful midtown Manhattan skyline. VITALS. Skate Ponder. Hours of Operation: TBD – Anyone know this? …More [...]

  3. Jenster

    22. Mar, 2009

    cool pix! makes me wanna get on a board. want to check it out for my project.

  4. Jennifer Christie

    19. Mar, 2009

    nice photos!!! :)

  5. mfunk

    16. Mar, 2009

    Nice posting. Had no idea this was in boken

  6. Hoboken Guy

    15. Mar, 2009

    Thanks for the comment Gelbendorf! I like the idea of Hoboken clothing… I’ll give that some thought. :)

  7. gelbendorf

    15. Mar, 2009

    Great Photos – as much as I like this place (as a spectator not a suicide rider…) you make it look much better. What’s next – Hoboken line of clothing (e.g. Brooklyn industries) featuring scenes from around town?

  8. Hoboken Guy

    15. Mar, 2009

    Thanks Taylor for the hours info!

  9. taylorfowler

    15. Mar, 2009

    Hours of operation are from sunrise to sunset. They get very upset with you if you hop the fence after hours…not that i know from experience or anything.

  10. Hoboken Guy

    14. Mar, 2009

    @Kyle Bunch Thanks dude… more to come! Hopefully of me rippin’ a 360 ollie! haha

    @Marq Thanks Bro! Yeah you should definitely get one so you could help me take photos. As for the Batman skateboard, I think you had Batman and I had Joker. haha Then dad ran over mine with his car.

  11. Marq

    14. Mar, 2009

    nice pics bro! you’re making me wanna get a camera like yours now. funny thing is you mentioned helmets are required but no one is wearing helmets in any of your pics! hahaha

    i remember we had a batman and also a joker skateboard but i dunno which one belonged to who.

  12. Kyle Bunch

    14. Mar, 2009

    Hot photos dude!

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