Mission #5:  Best Barbershops

Mission #5: Best Barbershops

Posted on 21. May, 2009 in Health & Self

Now I’m not the type of person to spend $50 bucks at a fancy schmancy salon just for a haircut when you can get the same quality trim at another shop for a cheaper and better experience. I also avoid places that have stylists that clearly don’t care about your hair. I’ll admit it, I grew up going to one of those unisex hair salons like Pro-Haircutters and usually ended up with some random person who left my sideburns uneven. But since I’ve come to Hoboken, I’ve only trusted barbershops. Because let’s face it fellas. Barbers know how to cut a man’s hair. Need a free haircut? Keep reading!


Find the Best Hoboken Barbershops

A barber is trained to cut with clippers and scissor with finesse. And nothing beats the traditional shave with that single blade razor and hot lather of shaving cream. And when you’re looking for a good conversation, you can count on barbershops as one of those chill social hangouts where men can “chew the fat”. Ultimately, barbershops become an great experience in and of itself.

As I walked across Hoboken the past few days, I’ve spotted a few of those infamous red, white and blue striped poles. Some new and some dating back to the days where I wasn’t even born yet. I’ve had my few experiences with Hoboken barbershops and I have to say, I do have my favorites. But I’m here to find the best, and I’ll need your help.

For those of you that help me out with this mission, you will get a little treat.


1) Over the next couple of weeks, I will scavenge across the mile square and visit various recommended barbershops recommended by the Hoboken community.

2) If I consider your recommended barbershop worthy enough to be one of the best, the haircut is on me! Yes, you read that correctly. I WILL PAY FOR YOUR HAIRCUT.** I’ll also write an extensive review, give you credit and dub thee a “Hoboken Guy Sidekick”.


- Share your favorite barbershop by commenting below.

- Please specify the name and describe why you consider the barbershop one of the best in Hoboken. The more descriptive, the better chance of you getting that free haircut.


- All recommendations must be located in Hoboken and should be posted in the comments below.
- Your recommendation will be judge based on the quality of your review.
- Not all recommendations are guaranteed a free haircut.
- The more descriptive as to why the barbershop deserves to be one of the best, the better!
- First come, first serve – so if someone posts the same barbershop before you, you’re out of luck.
- Costs only include the haircut and tip. Sorry fellas, other additional services will not be accounted for.
- Photographs may be taken during your haircut session. So technically you get to model for me. :)

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